Rigger Initial Training

Rigger Initial Training course provides the learner with knowledge of the rigging principles, general hazards and risks of rigging and lifting operations, an awareness of relevant legislation and regulation, and an opportunity to practice basic rigging operations following a lifting plan.

Method of Course Delivery

    Face-to-Face Training

   Synchronous Online Courses

The course is aimed at personnel who have had little or no training experience in rigging and lifting operations.

Course Content

  • Unit 1 – Introduction.
  • Rigger Training Course.
  • Unit 2 – Role of a rigger & Intro to lifting operations.
  • Quiz Unit 2
  • Unit 3 – Principles of rigging and lifting operations.
  • Quiz unit 3
  • Unit 4 – Prepare for lifting operations.
  • Quiz Unit 4
  • End of Course Assessment – Rigger Initial Training
  • Test -pictorials

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