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Our Training Centre is located at Jalan Raya Barelang, Jembatan 2,  Kelurahan Setokok, Kota Batam, Indonesia, and includes the following facility:

Where is BSTC Training?

BSTC Training is situated in Batam, a bustling urban center that serves as the primary hub of the Riau Islands Province in Indonesia. Nestled strategically within this vibrant locale, Batam encompasses a vast administrative area that encompasses not only its main islands of Batam, Rempang, and Galang, collectively known as Barelang, but also several other smaller islands dotting its coastal expanse.

Batam’s strategic location has made it a pivotal point for regional connectivity, particularly with its close proximity to Singapore. Renowned for its dynamic ferry network, Batam boasts numerous ferry crossings that link it to Singapore. Presently, these crossings facilitate transportation between two ferry terminals in Singapore and an impressive five terminals in Batam, offering travelers plenty of options for their journey.

The journey between Singapore and Batam via ferry is not only convenient but also remarkably efficient, with an average travel time of merely one hour. This seamless connection underscores the vital role that Batam plays in fostering regional integration and facilitating the movement of people and goods between these two bustling metropolises.

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