Pressure & Leak Test

This course aims to provide the knowledge and techniques for carrying out pressure testing and leak testing in the workplace. It is beneficial for personnel who are required to carry out such test.

Method of Course Delivery

    Face-to-Face Training

   Synchronous Online Courses

Course Content

What you will learned from the course:

  1. Importance of leak testing of disturbed joints on hydrocarbon systems prior to returning to service.
  2. Various methods of leak testing, and pressure testing of vessels and pipework, and will also consider the hazards associated with hydrostatic and pneumatic testing.
  3. Planning a leak test, the use of P&IDs, valve line-up checklists and task risk assessment.
  4. Practicalities of leak testing on site, the safety precautions required, and how pressure is applied incrementally.
  5. Test pressures and how these are controlled below design pressure, in addition to discussing the compilation of test documentation prior to handover to Operations.
  6. Accumulator charging


  • Unit 1 – Introduction to Pressure & Leak Testing
  • Quiz 1
  • Unit 2 – Leak Testing and Pressure Testing Methods and Associated Hazards
  • Quiz 2
  • Unit 3 – Preparing a Leak Test
  • Quiz 3
  • Unit 4 – Carrying Out a Leak Test
  • Quiz 4
  • Unit 5 – Test Pressure and Test Documentation
  • Quiz 5
  • Unit 6 – Accumulator Charging
  • What is an accumulator.mp4
  • Quiz 6

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