Methanol Safety Awareness Training

Methanol is a clear liquid products, including plastics chemical used in thousands of everyday uses, paints, cosmetics and fuels.  Methanol is also an energy resource used in the marine, automotive, and electricity sectors, and an emerging renewable energy resource. Methanol is a colorless, very toxic and extremely flammable.

Method of Course Delivery

    Face-to-Face Training

   Synchronous Online Courses

   Asynchronous Online Courses

All personnel involve in the handling, supervising and managing of methanol should have at least minimum knowledge on the proper handling, storing and transportation of methanol that can help to avoid or reduce possible fatalities and incidents that can lead to major disaster.

Course Content

  • MSHA Training Aims & Lesson 1
  • Safe Methanol Handling
  • MSHA Training Lesson 2
  • Spillage of methanol during cargo operations
  • Test 2
  • MSHA Training Lesson 3
  • Test 3
  • MSHA Training Lesson 4
  • Test 4
  • MSHA Training Lesson 5
  • Educational video Methanol Poisoning

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