Incident Investigation Training

An incident investigation is an after the fact reaction to an unfortunate event. By determining the Root Cause and contributing factors, steps can be implemented through use of policy, procedures, and training to avoid future occurrences. The goal of the investigation is prevention and learning, not to place blame!

Method of Course Delivery

    Face-to-Face Training

   Synchronous Online Courses

   Asynchronous Online Courses

Course Content

Upon completion of this cause, delegate shall be able to:

  1. Understand the primary reasons and benefits to conducting an incident/accident investigation.
  2. Role and responsibility of employers.
  3. State the steps for an effective investigation.
  4. Investigate, Analyse & Report incident/accident
  • Unit 1 -Introduction to Incident Investigation.
  • Quiz 1
  • Unit 2 -Regulatory Requirements.
  • Quiz 2
  • Unit 3 – Conducting the Investigation.
  • Quiz 3
  • Unit 4 – Incident Investigation Exercise.
  • Conducting an Incident Investigation.
  • Quiz 4

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