Confined Space Entry & SCBA

Method of Course Delivery

    Face-to-Face Training

Confined Space Entry & SCBA Course is designed to provide participants with knowledge that create understanding and hence, develop safety skill upon entering and working inside a confined space at worksite.

It covers the following topics:

  • Identify various types of confined space at worksite.
  • Describe the associated hazards.
  • Do adequate preparation before entering the confined space.
  • Use breathing protective equipment to exit during the emergency situation.
  • List all the correct PPE required for confined space entry.
  • Describe statutory requirements and precautions as stipulated in Code of Practice for Safe Working in confined spaces.

Course Content

  • Course Aims & Objectives
  • Confined Spaces Deadly Spaces Full Length
  • Module 1 – Introduction to Confined Space Entry (CSE)
  • Quiz 1
  • Module 2- Statutory Requirements
  • Quiz 2
  • Module 3 – Preparation for CSE
  • Quiz 3
  • Module 4 – Gas Testing & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements
  • Quiz 4
  • Module 5 – Emergency Evacuation
  • Confined Space Rescue Training
  • Quiz 5

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