BOSIET with CA-EBS Digital Delivery (5752)

This is an OPITO accredited programme. The theory or underpinning knowledge is delivered digitically and can be taken from anywhere. The practical component will be done at BSTC training centre after successful completion of the digital part.

Method of Course Delivery

    Face-to-Face Training

    Synchronous Online Learning

    Asynchronous Online Learning

BOSIET is to introduce delegates to the specific safety issues and regimes relevant to offshore installations, and to equip them with the basic emergency response knowledge and skills for travelling to and from offshore installations by helicopter.

Course Content

  1. BSTC – OIS-69 – Safety Induction – Digital delivery.pdf
  2. Assessment OIS 69 – Safety Induction Digital Delivery
  3. BSTC – OIS – 71 – Sea Survival and First Aid – Digital Delivery.pdf
  4. Assessment OIS 71 – Sea Survival and First Aid Digital Delivery
  5. BSTC – OIS 72 – Firefighting and Self Rescue – Digital Delivery.pdf-
  6. Assessment OIS 72 – Fire Fighting & Self Rescue Digital Delivery
  7. BSTC – OIS-348 – Helicopter Safety and Escape CA-EBS – Digital Delivery.pdf
  8. Assessment OIS 348 – Helicopter Safety and Escape CA-EBS Digital Delivery

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